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I believe in miracles, out of the dusk a rainbow will i see.... [half of my heart and my mind are here]

ke'busy'an sedang melanda... 0_O

nothing to display actually but i try to post something here due i have no longer active to update my this lovely blog after this cause of plenty of assignments and my responsible as an AJK in theatre club and take part in MARKETING DAY activities next week.
wait a minute.i'm typing in english words now?wow..! little bit impress with myself actually(blushing).hhaha so funny you know.i was just attended in BEL class and i back room then i type in english? miss normah's aura is so awesome! ahahha. i like.. xD

today i had a quiz of account.frankly speaking,that was a bit confused to me because i didn't study so much for this subject last night.hehh. i was only taught my friend as she not really get what the lecturer taught whether in the class or during kuliah.same goes to me.what i did in kuliah previously was sleep,sleep and sleep.what the habit is that..?huhu

oh My....ISLAMIC THEATRE MUSICAL and MARKETING DAY is around the corner.CTU and MANAGEMENT assignments need to pass up by next week..how should i...? OMG..i think next week is become my busiest day.a lot of things to do at the same time.wish me luck guys! huhu

p/s:bumped with abang senior who i admire most.shocked for a while.ups! hehhe

wassalam.... :)

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