MisS ClOver's StOriEs...

I believe in miracles, out of the dusk a rainbow will i see.... [half of my heart and my mind are here]

I think that's all for today...
and may be this is my last post before i sit a big examination on wednesday...
i want to concentrate in spm first..
then i'll think about this blog and my new post...
insya-Allah, i'll come back with my new single novel..ANAK MAK ANDAM VS. NASI GORENG....
just wait and see,ya....
ok...i'm leaving now....
wish me luck in spm...

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hidup ini sementara.kita sebagai seorang khalifah perlu berusaha meningkatkn kualiti hidup bagi menjalani kehidupan di dunia ini sebgai seorang muslim yg sejati.sgt mementingkan persahabatan dan seorang yg setia.here is my heart n myself is here.nk tahu lbeh lnjut just bace jela entry di sini ye...adios~

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sesiapa yg message last kat sini,dialah yg ter'CUTE' skali..hoho~

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they are my friends
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friendship is everything for me

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