MisS ClOver's StOriEs...

I believe in miracles, out of the dusk a rainbow will i see.... [half of my heart and my mind are here]

There were screams all around me. I opened my eyes and wake up from my sleep. I saw my family and my relatives rushing to go out from the house. I was still blur at that time and I was really confuse for that situations. "Why are they all screams just like the ghosts? "And what made me puzzle was they did not even call my name to follow them to go out.
I looked around,my bedroom was full of smokes just like burnt house. I slowly went go out from the house. I called my mother,I called my sister,but there were no answer for me.."Are they deaf??" I curiously think. Then, I did not think like that because was too near with them. Then, my mum looked around for someone. "Mya,where is Mya??" My mum asked where me was? "I'm here, mum. In front of you..." It was like my mum did not hear me and did not even see me.
"Our house....,"then my father looked at our house. I turned back,that house was ruined. All my family and relatives cried and all of them shouted my name. "hello....I'm here okay!" But no one could hear my voice. "What's wrong with all of you?! Or....what's wrong with me?"
I silent for minute. They kept crying and shout my name. I thought there must be something wrong somewhere. I went back in that house.I wanted to find something which could answer my question. Although that house had been burnt, it still looked like a house. I went into my bed room. There had a lot of dusts and my bed was dumped by my study table. I saw my lovely teddy bear hung among my bed and table. I moved rhe table to the side and I wanted to scream as a body lied on my bed. All the skins burnt. "Oh my God...!!" I could not believe what was in front of me. I rushed out from the house and found my family and relatives.
They went to some place. I followed them. "Mum....! Dad....!" I tried to call their name but I could not as my voice was stucked by something. After about ten minutes, they stopped at the grave land. All of them started to cry again. "Whose grave is this?" I looked at the 'nisan' and the name was mine! I fainted on my own grave.
"Mya....! Get up, Mya..."
I heard my mum said my name. I woke up from my bed as fast as could. Then, I opened my eyes. "Did I dream?" I heard the screaming of people again. Then, I turned down and I saw my family and relatives watched a horror movie.
"Mya, why don't you wash yourself yet??"
Then, I know that I was just dreamt for a long hours. "Fuh..!!" And I smiled for myself....

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continuos wrting la... teringat plak masa sy skola dlu... hehehe eh! sj komen entry lama.... heheh

hahah.awk nih entry lame dh basi lorh..x pyhla nk komen..btw thanx..sy mls nk update blog..xtau nk tules pe..hoho

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